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Locations and reports:

Rotaquest has many possibilities and options.



Our main product is ROTAQUEST which is a rostering system for UK Magistrates' Courts REGISTER your copy now

Latest version 5.13 Saturn 2010

The latest update is 5.13 Saturn 2010. Users should email us with an update request to the address shown below and we'll send a link for download. This is for the programme file only. Additions and fixes to Rota quest are here. Internet based (HTML) help files are available by private link - please send your request to the address below from your normal HMCOURTS-SERVICE email address and we'll email the link back to you.

The help manual can be downloaded here for printing on your colour printer. (under revision Dec 2010)


Full versions updates were sent out to users during September 2010

Bureau Tutorials are here


Contact Mr Golding on  020 8133 8167 or p.a. on 0845 12 33 916 
Software Reliability Inspectorate Ltd. is based in Wiltshire and Berkshire, England. UK
Email : Information and support:

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Who We are:-

We are the leading supplier of rostering and training records systems for magistrates courts in the UK. The company was formed in 1987 starting out with a trial system for Bracknell Court in 1989 then developed and grew as each new Petty Sessional Area installed the program. Click on Rota Details above for more information. 

Our main products are rostering systems for magistrates courts and anyone who needs to rota people into shifts and time slots. Also useful for SCHOOLS and COLLEGES for timetabling classes and students.



Rotaquest Saturn 2010 works on all versions of MS Windows from Win 2000 - Windows 7






sample - fast changes





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